The Kindness of Strangers and Friends

Even without formal education, I have learned so much from other people–some of whom I’ve had the pleasure to come to know and others who have shared their knowledge over the web.  I’m sure I’ll forget some people, but here is a short list of people and groups:

Cambridge Art Association

CAA consists of some very good and kind artists.  Some of the photographs on this site have been in shows at the CAA.

Bob Hesse

Sometimes I think that giving Bob a camera is a little unfair to the rest of us as I wonder why I can’t do what he does.  The fact is that he’s not only incredibly good, he’s most gracious.

Akos Szilvasi

Setting up a white background and nailing the exposure is one thing.  To capture personalities while doing so is quite another.  Akos does both (and more) with a large smile on his face.

Chris Yeager

Chris has roots in photography and knows more about it than I can ever hope to.  Chris disagrees with, but tolerates, my narrow views on what photographers should capture. Rather than focusing on the technical aspects of a photograph, Chris looks at the image which was produced.  We often get lost in the equipment and processing, but Chris knows that the final product is more important than how it was achieved.

Mary Kostman

Mary introduced me to CAA and the above people and for that, I am most grateful.  Mary not only takes photographs, but does the kind of art that starts with a blank canvas.  Fortunately, she doesn’t leave them that way.

David Hobby

Off-camera flash?  Pocketwizards?  Can I really learn to do that?  David’s blog has taught thousands of people how to light on a budget.

Zack Arias

I first came across Zack’s blog when searching for some information on white backgrounds.  His tutorial is brilliant.  He’s one of those professionals who is out there teaching others how to do things right–including, not being a jerk about things.


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